Service & Bike Repair

Service & Bike Repair

Bike Repair/Service Packages

We are seasoned professionals who have decades of experience with all service and bike repairs, big or small. For your convenience, you can bring your bike to either one of our full-service shops for modifications, repairs, bike assembly, and anything else you may need. Click here for our store locations.

Below are our service packages. Depending on the parts you need the price may vary. We charge a minimum $10 estimate fee that will be applied to any bike repair you decide to have us do for you. Bring your bike in today for a professional diagnostic.

Tune-Up $67.50

  • Diagnostic
  • All External Adjustments
  • Wheel True
  • Front/Rear Brake Adjustment
  • Front/Rear Derailleur Adjustment
  • Drive Train Cleaning + Lube
  • Inner/Outer Brake/Shifter Cables Adjustment
  • Hub/Bracket/Headset Adjustment (optional)
  • Degrease + Chain Lube

Tune-Up Plus Overhaul $150 Labor (Parts Sold Separately)*

  • Diagnostic
  • Complete Tune-up
  • Complete Overhaul
  • Complete Wheel True
  • Bearings + Grease

*Price subject to change depending on if parts are needed.